21 JAN 2021

5 Things to Know About Sober Living Homes

Many people have questions about sober living and that’s ok—this process is new and unfamiliar to many. We’re here to answer your questions and get you acquainted with this unique phase in recovery. Here are five things to know:

  • Sober living homes have rules. The rules implemented in these homes are not made to restrict their residents. Instead, curfews, visitation hours, household chores and other rules help foster accountability and structure. Certain rules, such as drug testing and sobriety policies, are zero-tolerance, meaning you’ll be evicted if you violate these rules.
  • Sober living relies on communal living. The communal living environment helps those in recovery coexist and live harmoniously with others. Plus, when surrounded by others in similar situations, this unique living setup builds a sense of community and fellowship with your peers.
  • Sober living resources are less frequent for women. Many facilities allow only men, making recovery challenging for women. However, A Fresh Start recognizes that women require specific recovery options, offering two exclusive women’s only residences in Chicago’s north side: Belmont House & Oakley House, as well as two women’s residences in the Old Irving Park neighborhood: 1st Addison House & the 2nd Addison House
  • Sober living is about transitioning. This opportunity helps build self-sufficiency, independence and confidence in a secure and structured environment. Sober living facilities serve as a bridge between in-patient recovery to living a fully independent lifestyle.
  • Sober living homes are not a homeless shelter. Sober living homes get a bad rap sometimes. However, these facilities are anything but a homeless shelter! These homes serve as a safe, comfortable and amenity-rich setting for recovering addicts to reboot their lives. Plus, residents are required to pay rent and contribute to the household during their stay.