13 JAN 2022

Quick Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Cross Addiction

Addiction is sometimes made out to be straightforward, but this is definitely not the case. Getting over any addiction is difficult, but it's made much harder when there are multiple substances involved.

While anyone can have a relapse, it's usually those who are freshest out of rehab or recovery. It's in those early times that we can fall into the same or similar habits. This is where cross addiction comes into play.

Cross addiction is essentially substituting one addictive substance for another. We'll cover this topic in detail to give you a solid grasp of cross addiction.

Understanding Cross Addiction

The idea that's essential to grasp is that signs of cross addiction reflect a deeper problem. In cases where someone leaves rehab only to start using a different drug, addiction is usually a symptom of a more central, emotional problem in the person's life.

Again, it's most common for those who are just starting to recover from their original addiction. The logic often goes that the person is addicted to alcohol, so why not start using marijuana to excess? Those two substances could be swapped for any other addictive substance or avoidant behavior.

Cross addiction doesn't necessarily involve substances. Gambling, racing, or any other addictive behavior can be the problem. Addictive substances and behaviors activate the same areas of the brain in users as the original drug. This makes the usage of these new substances equally damaging.

The most dangerous part about cross addiction is that it usually seems harmless. The substance of choice was the issue originally, so people are less likely to notice an abuse of a different substance. These substances are usually more socially acceptable than the first drug, so that's another safeguard for cross addiction.

Ultimately, though, those people who are using different substances out of rehab are liable and extremely likely to revert back into the person they once were. The behaviors of the original addict will come out and the person's life will be negatively affected in the same way

How to Handle Cross Addiction

Whether you or a loved one are starting to notice symptoms of cross addiction, it's best to start changing your behavior early. You've gone through the pain of getting sober once-- don't throw your progress away to start exhibiting more addictive behavior.

The best thing that you can do is seek help immediately. It's likely that your cross addiction is just starting to bloom, and that's great because you have time to make corrections. Consider talking to a counselor or therapist about the underlying reasons for using.

Also, speak with those in your family to make them aware of your situation and how they can help. They'll be happy that you're making steps toward keeping yourself healthy.

Do You Need Help?

Recover is difficult for everyone, whether you've relapsed or are simply showing signs of cross addiction. Sometimes you need assistance getting back on your feet.

Whether it is emotional support or living assistance, it's always a good thing to get whatever help you can. If you're in need of any assistance while you're getting back on your feet, contact us and we'd be happy to help.