06 May 2017

Reading list for sobriety and inspiration

The blogger of Spirit of Recovery is a 57-year-old recovering alcoholic named Ron. Through his blog he tells his personal story and how he lives out the 12 steps. He mentions that many recovering addicts ask, “How will I have fun now that I don’t drink?” Lisa M. Hann’s book titled How To Have Fun in Recovery gives readers hope. Ron says her book offers an encouraging message. If you have questioned having fun once sober, this book may be worth checking out.

Lisa M. Hann has another book out that is a day-to-day suggestion on ways to have fun called, 365 Ways to Have Fun Sober. She offers small tips towards daily joy and bigger ideas such as planning a day trip to a new city.

A Recovery Journey by John T. Marohn is a three-part book that addresses daily struggles with mental and emotional well-being beneficial to recovering addicts. The journey is that of a recovering alcoholic. Throughout Marohn’s book he never plays the victim role. He talks of his transformations, values, how his behavior changes and offers insights to the reader.

Why You Drink and How to Stopby Veronica Vallia is a book written by an alcoholic in recovery and now addictions therapist. This book is like free therapy, and it offers helpful advice to addicts as well as people who have a loved one that is an addict. The book is divided in to three sections: 1. Alcoholism; 2. The problem; and 3. The Solution. It also includes case studies from her practice. It is all of the information you need in one spot.