24 Aug 2020

The Perks of Peer Recovery

It can be >difficult to open up to people about drug addiction, about a troubled past, and about life in recovery. However, it is crucial to feel community and care during this time, and at all times of our lives, and peer recovery is the best way to do so. Getting and staying sober requires a lot of will and is a personal accomplishment, but it’s still great to lean on a friend.

There is the old saying of it gets one to know one, and that is true for addicts in recovery. Connecting with someone in the same situation as this gives you a relationship with someone that can understand your history and the day-to-day struggles. Peer recovery creates a social safe space where there is no judgement and ears are open.

Through peer recovery, a sponsor and fellow recovering addicts will teach you life lessons and provide support that you will pay forward. Peer support creates feeling of gratitude and increases accountability. Even mentors feel responsible to their mentees and it helps them in their continued sobriety. It also gives everyone involved a feeling of higher purpose.

At the end of the day, why do it alone? Carrying the weight is too much to do alone and so community is crucial in recovery. Surrounding yourself with people working toward the same goal will do wonders for you on your path there.