28 Mar 2017

Five Essential Considerations for Selecting a Sober Living Facility

Sober living is an important step in recovery that shouldn’t be overlooked. This unique set up serves as a transition between inpatient treatment to independent living. However, before moving into a facility, carefully select the right one.

Here are five things to consider when selecting a facility:

  • Continued treatment options. Sober living facilities exist to aid in the addiction treatment process. Make sure that your potential sober living home is dedicated and focused toward your health, wellbeing and continued recovery. Check out the recovery resources available, such as AA meetings, that are offered at the house. Also research the rules and policies to ensure they are focused on your recovery.
  • Ambiance. Comfort and safety is important when selecting a residence. It’s important to make sure the environment is somewhere you can see yourself making physical and psychological progress in your recovery. Your sober living facility might not be the Ritz-Carlton, but make sure it has the right amenities and updates to meet your needs.
  • Cost. Cost is an essential consideration. Consider what you’re getting with the cost too, such as counseling, amenities, utilities and staff-to-resident ratio. In Chicago, A Fresh Start Sober Living offers safe, sober housing ranging from $150 to $200 per week.
  • Travel with other trusted friends or family. Traveling with trusted companions who know your situation can help hold you accountable in new and unfamiliar situations. These friends and family know how important it is to you (and them) to remain sober and still have a fun vacation.
  • Location. Location can work for or against you. Living near supportive family and friends can aid in your recovery process. However, living near triggers, such as former friends who still engage in substance abuse or near a familiar bar, can be detrimental to treatment.
  • Reviews. Check out what others have to say about a potential first step sober house. Checking out Google reviews, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts can also shed light on the environment and quality of the specific facility.