28 Apr 2017

Occupy your mind, or it will occupy itself

“An idle mind is the devil’s playground.” A mind without engagement will wander where it wants. Reading is a sound tactic for exercising your mind and keeping it occupied through tough times. Inspirational reading is a great way to take this experience to the next level. It provides a task for your mind and will offer nurturing and uplifting information for your unique situation.

Physical activities like biking, swimming, running and other types of cardio inspire you to keep your body clean and healthy. Your body will crave the cardio and want to continue in this healthy, invigorating lifestyle.

Take a class like cooking, graphic design, dance or yoga. Learning something new is empowering because you see your personal ability to master concepts and physical strides you have not reached before. It will absolutely expand your mind and offer the opportunity to meet new people with a similar interest.

Get out in the community and help! Person to person contact is the best kind of service. Being able to see and speak to the person you are helping is a humbling experience that always provides a sense of purpose. Giving your time in serving the community is a truly awarding act that can only be fully understood by taking part. Additionally, research indicates that twice as many addicts are able to stay sober when involved in community service. Doing service is a win-win all around.