22 Oct 2019

3 reasons for Living in a Sober Environment

Many people opt for sober living arrangements as part of their comprehensive recovery plan. This set-up serves as a transition from a rehab facility to independent living and offers many benefits.

Here are three ways sober living can help you through your journey into sobriety:


Support services are an integral part of sober living. Many sober living facilities, including A Fresh Start Sober Living, require residents to attend AA or NA meetings and work with a sponsor. These facilities are focused around recovery and continuing the progress already made for its residents. In addition to support programs, many people benefit from being surrounded by others who are in recovery from addiction. This sense of community is essential for those new to recovery and these lasting relationships can be instrumental through their lifetime recovery.

Zero Tolerance

Three strikes and you’re out doesn’t apply at sober living facilities. Zero tolerance is required. No illicit drugs or alcohol use is permitted. Alcohol or drugs of any kind compromises the integrity of sober living establishments and puts other residents at risk.


During an active addiction, chaos is rampant. These homes provide structure, accountability and responsibility for residents who may be overwhelmed with the new demands and organization that come with sober living. For example, residents are required to pay rent and utilities similar to living in an independent, private residence. Likewise, other house rules, like zero-tolerance policies, are implemented to maintain a positive and constructive environment.

How has sober living helped you with your journey to recovery?