06 Nov 2020

5 Tips to Choose a Recovery Program

It is exciting when a loved one agrees to enter drug or alcohol rehab because at this point a problem has been admitted and now steps can be taken to alleviate the issue. However, although recovery success depends on many factors, one of the greatest ones is the recovery program. Below are the five big things to consider when choosing a drug and alcohol recovery program:

1. Location

A recovery center close to family can help someone thrive in addiction recovery, or it can be a distraction. Being out in the country may make someone too idle, but a big city can be too tempting. You know your loved one best so plan a place around their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Accreditation

Make sure that the clinic or facility is accredited, licensed, and certified. This will help you rest assured that your loved one is receiving the best care.

3. Therapies

Each addict has their own specific needs that can be addressed via a variety of therapies. Look for a program that fulfills those needs and preferably offers treatment options. These therapies include individual counseling, group, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and more.

4. Patients

In order for treatment to be most effective, the addict should be in a recovery environment of peers. A program that has people of the similar age, gender, and background may be most beneficial.

5. Reputation

A reputable recovery center will have a long history, and a good one at that. Some programs have names of alumni that you can speak to, but in the internet age of Yelp, a little research should yield the information you need.