23 Oct 2017

Recovering addict raises awareness with comedy

Scott Masi has been spreading awareness about drug and alcohol recovery with comedy. Although he came from a close-knit family, at one point he was driving to different cities with his kids in the car to buy crack cocaine. However, eight years into recovery, he is clean and giving back to addicts anonymous community.

The road into addiction and then to recovery was a bumpy one. He started smoking marijuana when he was 12-years-old, and then went on to use cocaine in high school and then crack cocaine shortly after. Scott was a high-functioning addict, even working a high-paying job. That all came to end when he hit rock bottom at age 42 when he found himself arguing over drugs with a gun to his head.

Scott’s goals are to give a good laugh, but also to dispel the stigma that is often associated with addiction. He now works as a referral specialist at the Brighton Center and about three years ago started putting together and personally paying for this comedy event. He did this to honor his mother who inspired him to seek treatment. When she passed away in 2012, he began to use her memorial fund to create this program to raise awareness.

Although recovery can be difficult, many people find it as a source of inspiration to do good for themselves and the people around them. Recovery is largely about community, about love and respect for ourselves and others. What can you do this holiday season to raise awareness and spread joy?