07 July 2021

The "In" Factor: 5 Benefits In Patient Treatment Offers For a Healthier Sober Life

Over 15 million adults suffer from AUD, or alcohol use disorder. With a great number of people struggling with addiction and conflicting information available on solutions, it can be difficult for someone to get sober.

The benefits in patient treatment offer to those addicted to alcohol can help those suffering from addiction to detox under the guidance of professionals.

Benefits In Patient Treatment Offers Those Suffering From Addiction

Sobering up from addiction doesn't have to be done alone. With the help of an in-patient treatment center, people are able to focus solely on themselves in the company of those who are struggling with a similar disorder.

See below for the five most prominent ways in-patient treatment benefit those suffering from addiction.

1. Focus Only On Yourself

When patients are attempting a rehab program that isn't in-patient, they are exposing themselves to distractions like bills, relationships, and other stressors.

This ability to completely focus on oneself and not the surrounding problems helps to raise the success of rehab programs. Through in-patient rehab programs, patients are able to focus only on themselves and their path to recovery.

2. Variety of Therapy Options

Many in-patient facilities will offer alternatives to traditional therapy that can help with emotional and physical health. This can improve the overall success of a person's rehab program.

Some of the possible therapy options in-patient facilities offer are:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Exercise programs

The key to making your journey a success is to find the right rehab facility for your needs and preferences.

3. Eliminate Drug and Alcohol Access

In-patient facilities do not offer outings that are unsupervised. This completely eliminates opportunities for patients to gain access to drugs and alcohol.

Patients in other rehab programs can access substances once they head home for the day. This can be detrimental to their overall recovery and the speed of their rehab. 

4. Support and Supervision 24/7

Relapses normally happen at the beginning of the recovery process. When patients are struggling in an in-patient facility they can access any needed support at any hour of any day. This differs wildly from other programs without 24/7 support.

Supervision at all times also helps to keep patients from hunting down access to alcohol or drugs.

Quite a few factors are at play when selecting a rehab facility for you or your loved one. But when considering where the best solution can be found, consider in-patient facilities where 24/7 support is available. 

5. Complete Structure

In-patient rehab programs are structured to offer very little free time to patients. This helps to cut back on the amount of time patients have to think about the substance they are addicted to. 

Another benefit of this structure is that it prevents patients from actively seeking out access to alcohol or drugs.

Finding Success in In-Patient Treatment Options

Over $15 billion is provided by the United States state and federal governments to help fund various rehab programs. The benefits in patient treatment give to those suffering addiction can help to completely reset a person's track in life. 

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