17 June 2019

A Safe Space On The Internet: 5 Inspirational Sobriety Blogs To Follow For Motivation

Finding a safe space, especially online, can be a major benefit for recovering alcoholics. We share 5 inspirational sobriety blogs to follow for motivation.

Working towards sobriety is hard. Let's face it if you or someone you love is working on recovery using every available resource to support you is important. 

There is medical and professional help with recovery. You are likely also taking advantage of local support groups. But consider looking online for additional support. 

There is a bevy of online sobriety blogs available that offer up support, encouragement, and information.

Consider taking a look at these five great choices. You'll get first-hand accounts, shared stories, and wisdom from experience that each of these blogs offers. 

1. Hip Sobriety

Holly Glenn Whitaker created Hip Sobriety to share her journey with alcoholism and bulimia.

She shares how she overcame the substances and behaviors to achieve a healthy life. She is honest that it was not a straight path to get herself there.

The site shares her ways to celebrate sobriety through both her blog posts and podcasts. She now acts as a life coach and teacher sharing her own program she developed for herself. Her sobriety manifesto list outline recovery sayings and quotes that are the fundamental focus of her program.

2. Laura McGowan

Visiting the Laura McGowan blog is like surrounding yourself with the love and friendship you need as part of your recovery to overcome addiction. She shares her journey to sobriety with a voice that makes you want to be her friend. 

She first hit rock bottom with divorce, huge debts, single motherhood and lots of drinking. It was then she decided to take control. She started co-hosting a podcast called Spiritualish, then started the Laura McGowan blog. Currently, she is writing her first book about her struggles with sobriety.

3. Living Sober

Living Sober offers a community of support that focuses on empowerment and education. It also gives you two for the price of one with the feature of Mrs. D. Lotta Dann started Living Sober after writing her book Mrs. D is Going Without.

The blog feature Mrs. D and her posts about her journey with sobriety. It also features an Ask the Expert section, Sober Toolbox, and a community forum where members can share anonymously. 

4. The Fix

The Fix is chock full of information about addiction, sobriety, and information about support. It has many features worth looking at including recovery journeys, alternative treatment information, and current research studies.

The blog has many features worth a look:

  • • Rehab reviews
  • • Culture of recovery
  • • Addiction resources
  • • Sober living tips
  • • Drug policies.

The Ask the Expert section can get answers to every kind of question-related to your recovery journey and sobriety. 

5. Unpickled

This blog is one woman's journey to sobriety. It started on the first day she decided to stop drinking and work towards her sobriety. Through her blog, she shares her story, the ups and downs, and how she works to stay "unpickled".

Her blogs can be serious, funny and are easy to connect to. She offers encouragement and support for those walking the path to sobriety. She also has a podcast called The Bubble Hour providing more advice, support, and encouragement. 

Sobriety Blogs to Support Your Recovery

Taking advantage of every kind of support possible on the recovery journey is a must. Try taking a look at one or more of these sobriety blogs to offer you encouragement, information, and advice with your sobriety. One may have the voice you need to hear to help you heal and stay sober. 

Also, consider visiting our blog for more advice and information related to recovery.