21 July 2021

Addiction Recovery Checklist

Recovering from addiction can be a tricky road to navigate. It can be filled with temptations, cravings and high-risk situations that are hard to avoid, but are nonetheless an essential part of reclaiming your life. Recovery requires a lifelong commitment to personal growth and, fortunately, there are many tools and resources that can help.

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The first and most important step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem. Feel empowered instead of ashamed because you are acknowledging your need for help. Recognize the moment as a golden opportunity to change your life. Next, explore your treatment options, which may include counseling, medication or both, depending on your situation.

Know that you’re not alone on your road to sobriety. Surround yourself with supportive family members, friends and sober acquaintances — especially when you feel a craving or impulse to use again. Attending support groups will help you realize you’re not alone in your struggle, while providing the opportunity to relate to others who are going through the same experiences. Building a positive network is a stepping stone to an addiction-free lifestyle, so make sure to cut ties with people who continue to use drugs or alcohol.

Improve your coping skills by learning how to properly manage stress and change negative thinking. Stress management and meditation are effective tools in treating addiction, anxiety and depression. Learning how to effectively manage stress can help keep your cravings and impulses under control in order to prevent relapse. Finding a new hobby, discovering a new passion or spending time with family and friends are all effective strategies for coping with stress.

Whether you’re currently in substance abuse recovery, practicing sober living or helping a loved one get treatment, there are many resources available to help overcome addiction.

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