07 APR 2021

Best podcasts and programs for those in drug and alcohol recovery

Podcasts for Recovering People

Many people in drug and alcohol addiction recovery are surprised to find how full popular culture is of drug and party references, and how distracting it can become. A lot of music on the radio glorifies a lifestyle that those in recovery know to be dangerous and full of pitfalls. This can make entertainment a stressor, which is the opposite of what entertainment should be and do.

However, there are entertainment channels and programs developed by recovering addicts, for recovering addicts. Listening to podcasts and watching shows that focus on sober living after addiction comes as a relief after being bombarded with negative messaging in popular music and programming. Learn more about great sober-minded podcasts and shows below, and tune into something inspirational.

That Sober Guy

Shane Ramer is the host of the podcast That Sober Guy, but a few years ago he was battling alcohol and drug addiction while trying to hold on to his family. Shane has become a popular personality, being hired for speaking events and appearances around the country, because he is very candid about his experience at rock bottom, and the mindset to work your way up from there.

Addiction Recovery Radio

Addiction Recovery Radio was started by a husband whose wife had become addicted to alcohol and Oxycontin, and the years of struggle that resulted from that. After several years of helping his wife win over her addictions, the host amassed a lot of anecdotal evidence and experience that they wanted to share with others who were battling addiction, and the loved ones at their side.


SHAIR is an acronym for “Sharing Help Addicts in Recovery,” and is an interview-format podcast started by a man named Omar to bring to the world inspiring stories about recovering alcohol and drug addicts from around the world. People come on the show to share stories about life changing events and the journey through addiction.


In 2013, Jacki Hillios gave a TEDx talk in Boulder, Colorado on “Transcending addiction and redefining recovery.” Addiction and recovery are such complex subjects and processes that sometimes it helps to hear an expert discuss it in very exact and knowledgeable terms. In her talk, Jacki will focus on the resilient human spirit while asking why are some people able to transcend addiction while others are not? What does it take, emotionally and spiritually, to achieve sustained recovery for the long-term?