12 DEC 2021

Don't Let the Holiday Season Trigger Relapse

Everyone's excited about holiday parties, gatherings, and drinking outings, right? Sure, everyone except those who are newly sober.

Seasoned sober veterans are used to abstaining throughout the holiday season, but it might be a little stressful if you're still in your first year of sobriety. We're going to go over some ways to make through your first holiday season while staying sober. 

You can do it, and we're here to help you make it. Let's get started:

Guide to Staying Sober During the Holidays

The festivities that come this time of year don't have to be accompanied by alcohol or other drugs you may be clean of. To make it easier to withhold, though, there are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself. 

1. Make Friends and Family Aware

If you know that you're going to be celebrating the holiday with close friends and family, you may want to let them know about your sobriety before the festivities begin. It can be harder to say no when nobody knows why you're not drinking. Peer pressure is far more likely to occur when there's nothing at stake. If you were just trying to do something like a "sober December," you're friends and family might push a little harder to give you a drink.

There is a lot at stake, though, and your loved ones should respect your decision to get sober. If they know, they'll likely refrain from pressuring you to do anything you aren't comfortable with.

2. Make an Appearance, Leave if You Have to

When you're drinking, it's hard to imagine why you would ever want to leave a party early. You're occupied by the stream of drinks, maybe a cigarette every half hour or so, and the company of others who are looking to do the same thing. When you're sober, though, you might find it hard to believe that you spent so much time doing those things. As the night moves forward and you feel more pressure to break your sobriety, make the decision to step away. There's nothing wrong with showing up and making an appearance then leaving.

3. Bring a Sober Friend

Finally, try and find someone to attend parties with. Staying sober is a lot easier when you have company. You're probably not the only person in your life that's sober, and those other people are bound to want sober company as well. You can be their life raft and you can be theirs. 

Anything you can do to up your chances of remaining sober will be a beneficial thing to do. That said, the anxiety of going to a part sober far outweighs the reality of the situation. Most people will be happy for you and your decision, and you'll find that things aren't that much different. 

Want to Make the Change to Sobriety?

Staying sober is certainly possible, and we're here to help you if that's the path you'd like to take.

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