14 FEB 2020

Economical Ways to Treat Yourself When You are Alone on Valentine’s Day

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, do something different. Instead of spending your precious time reminiscing about past relationships, why not look at the brighter side and celebrate your single status? Being single is pretty liberating, you do not have to think about booking tickets for concerts or making a reservation at one of the fancy restaurants. The best thing about being single is that you can do whatever you want, without checking with someone else. Heck, if you want to buy a car, you don’t even have to check with anyone first, though it’s not probably not the most economical (or fun) way to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day.

People in relationships go crazy when it comes time to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts. In fact, it is the millennials that spend more than any other age groups according to a survey conducted by Harris Poll. When you are single, you can save all the money that you would otherwise have spent on Valentine’s Day and treat yourself economically. After all, you only need to make yourself happy and no one else. Here are some budget-friendly ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s.

  • Have a Breakfast in Bed. Why do need someone else to make you breakfast, when you can do it yourself? Take advantage of a crock-pot, an invention that cooks food very slowly, to ensure that you have a hot meal waiting for you in the morning. All you need to do is put all the ingredients of your favorite breakfast in this pot at night, and it will be ready to eat by morning.
  • Buy a Box of Gourmet Chocolate. Chocolates are truly an exceptional indulgence. It does not have to be an expensive one, you can pick up a small luxury chocolate box.
  • Spend Valentine’s with Your Celeb Crush. Surf the Internet and make a list of all the movies and series that your celebrity crush has appeared in. Binge watch these videos on Valentine’s Day and spend your entire day with your crush. Whether you want to drown in the blue eyes of Chris Hemsworth or be enchanted by Jennifer Lawrence’s expressions, you can do all this and more.
  • Go Shopping. There is a reason shopping is often referred to as ‘retail therapy’ – it makes you feel good about yourself. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to buy something that you have been eyeing for a long time, especially when you are single. So, go on and buy that figure- hugging red dress or those headphones that you always wanted.
  • Get Back to Your Hobbies. Life has become so fast-paced lately that it becomes extremely difficult to take time out for your passions and hobbies. Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to celebrate your hobbies – reading, baking, or yoga, or for trying something new. Hobbies are wonderful for your health and can keep you social, boost your self-esteem, help you cope with stress and even help those recover from an addiction.
  • Write a Love Note to Yourself. No one else knows you as well as you do, so this V-Day write a love letter to yourself. Include all your strengths, accomplishments, and whatever else you love about yourself in this letter. You can use this letter as a pick-me-up whenever you are feeling down.

Use these ways to spend a Valentine’s Day that is free from self-pity. Celebrate your love for yourself instead!