30 NOV 2020

Four Essentials for a Lifetime of Sober Living

Recovery is a lifetime journey. But in the journey of life, twist and turns can be around the corner at any time. Still, sober living for life is achievable! Here are four essential qualities to help maintain your sober lifestyle:

  • Community. A sober community of other recovering addicts or alcoholics can provide support and encouragement when challenges arise. Many people find community within AA or NA group or in sobriety and recovery houses. Plus, having a community of friends who support your sobriety.
  • Support. Whether through family, friends, AA groups or a therapist, support is essential for sober living. Ideally, a trusted sponsor is your go-to support when you feel challenged by the recovery process. No sponsor? Visit a local meeting to connect with potential sponsors in your area.
  • Positivity.Surround yourself with positive energy and positive people. Returning to the negativity and exposing yourself to triggers puts you at a risk for relapse. When positivity wanes, rely on your spirituality, support system, meetings and other inspiration to lead you back on track.
  • Strength. Internal strengthdoesn’t come overnight; it’s acquired with time. As you recover and grow, it’s important to address the underlying cause of your addiction which can be draining. Know that you’ve come this far and you’ll continue to go far with this newfound strength, along with positivity, support and community.

These are just a few things required for a lifetime of sober living. What are your keys to success?