15 JUNE 2021

Don't Stress Over It: How to Deal with Family Gatherings Without Alcohol

It’s estimated that 40 to 60 percent of all people treated for alcoholism or addiction relapse within a year. There is a wide array of reasons that relapse occurs, with a significant factor being stress.

For many, nothing is more stressful than family gatherings. While they may love their family, being around large groups of people can be extremely stressful, leading them to turn to alcohol to cope.

If you want some effective ways to deal with stress during various family gatherings to help you avoid relapsing, use the tips here. By using this information, you can learn to enjoy your family without alcohol.

Find Allies for Your Get-Together

Regardless of if your allies are siblings, parents, or a friend, it’s good to know who’s “got your sober back.” This person or people can provide you with social and emotional support.

When you know someone is there looking out for you, it can help you relax, avoid alcohol and have a good time. Also, the ally you choose can steer conversations away from more sensitive subjects and even be a bugger between you and somewhat abrasive individuals who may not be sensitive to your recovery.

Request Non-Alcoholic Drink Options

Do your family gatherings usually involve alcohol? If so, it may not be viable to ask for everyone to abstain (though they may be willing to). Instead, consider asking for a non-alcoholic drink to be available.

By having this available, you can avoid feeling left out, and still “celebrate” with everyone else.

Choose Your Words Carefully

When you are sober, it’s much easier for you to think about what you say before opening your mouth. This is always beneficial during a family get-together.

If you are still in the early stages of sobriety, you need to avoid getting into a needless argument or confrontation. Remember, be kind, polite, and if necessary, bite your tongue.

You shouldn’t let anyone get under your skin or upset you emotionally. When you choose your words carefully, it will nullify any possible disagreements or arguments.

Remember, You Can Leave Early

If there is drinking at your gathering, and you feel uncomfortable, then remember – you have the option to leave early. There is no reason to feel guilty about this. Taking care of yourself is always more important.

When living a sober life, your sobriety is always first. In some cases, this is going to mean you duck out of a situation that you aren’t ready to handle.

Coping with Family Gatherings: Maintain Sobriety with These Tips

If you have family gatherings coming up, and you need tips to help you avoid a relapse, then the tips here are a good way to start. They will have you have the confidence to face these situations and avoid the temptation of alcohol.

If you need more help or advice about living a sober life, reach out to us. We are here to help you get the fresh start you deserve.