29 Dec 2021

4 Important Qualities of a Sober Living Home

Sober living is an important part of a complete and healthy recovery. It bridges the critical time between inpatient treatment and an independent life outside treatment. Sober living facilities offers many benefits, and to get the most out your stay, be sure that your sober living home possesses these four essential qualities:

1. Structure. For addicts, a structured life is often nonexistent and sober living helps reclaim that lost element. Their facilities offer fewer restrictions than in-patient programs but still instill accountability within their residents by implementing curfews, regulated drug tests and discipline for violating house rules.

2. Community. Sober living connects recovering addicts who are dealing with similar issues. This peer-based living scenario helps establish an inherent support group that’s available around the clock.

3. Life skills development. Since many addicts have relied on family or friends to get by in the past, a healthy environment helps its residents regain skills for them to function and live on their own.

4. Real-world transition. Immediately facing the demands of everyday life can be overwhelming upon exiting inpatient treatment. While in sober living, residents can focus on obtaining employment or continuing their education in a more controlled setting.

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