07 JAN 2022

Power of the Mind: Sober Living thru Meditation Can Help Addiction Recovery

Along with cognitive therapy, medications and sober living, the practice of meditation has been shown to aid in treatment for addiction.

Recovery is a physical, mental and spiritual process, so it’s no wonder meditation is a valuable supplement. Scientific studies by the University of Massachusetts Amherst provide both mathematical and statistical proof that sober living thru meditation can aid treatment when combined with a comprehensive treatment program.

The brain, the organ that influences both addiction and meditation, is complicated and complex. The study explains the scientific reasoning behind this conclusion, but simply put, meditation helps create and improve mindfulness, and calm the “wanting mind.” Mindfulness helps us in many ways; it helps recovering addicts become more aware of cravings, helps them react to these cravings in a positive way, maintain their sober living state and helps them cope with stress in all situations.

Don’t get discouraged if meditation doesn’t work for you right away or if you have to work at it. Like any form of exercise or therapy, meditation takes time and consistent practice.

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