22 Sept 2020

9 tips for a Sober Living Lifestyle...

Here are 9 tips for Sober Living...
  • Reach out to others in recovery. A solid support system can go a long way.
  • Take care of yourself physically. Eat well and exercise. Take time to breathe.
  • Make a bucket list. Go bungee jumping, volunteer at a local charity, enter a hot dog eating contest—whatever is on your list, start checking off your list!
  • Take your recovery one day at a time. Especially in the beginning, the long-term picture can be overwhelming, so embrace the baby steps.
  • Don’t make excuses. Accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Have fun! It’s possible to have fun without alcohol or drugs. In fact, it’s possible to have even more fun sober!
  • Go somewhere new. If you have the funds, take a trip to somewhere you’ve always want to go. If funds are limited, explore a new neighborhood in your city or go hiking at a nearby park.
  • Keep an open mind. Be open to new experiences and opportunities. Say yes!
  • Read a book. A murder mystery, a biography, young adult vampire fiction. Reading keeps your mind sharp and provides a sense of accomplishment upon finishing. Bonus: Check out the local library—it’s free!

What are your best sober living tips?