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26 Nov 2019

What Are You Grateful for This Thanksgiving?

As we move through our day to day lives, it's easy to take many things for granted. From the fresh air to the presence of our families, nothing is guaranteed and we often forget that fact. 

It's important to take a step back and appreciate what you have and show your appreciation in tangible ways. As Thanksgiving approaches, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss some ways to show gratitude. 

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude isn't just saying "thank you" when someone does you a favor. Gratitude is an attitude that extends outward toward the things in your life that you're appreciative of. That appreciation can either be vast or narrow, but remember that your well-being is dependent upon it.

Gratitude busts stress and actually contributes to a healthier lifestyle. On top of that, the experience of gratitude is far more enjoyable than its alternative.

With those things in mind, let's look at some actionable ways you can start showing your gratitude.

1. Make a List

Start out by making a list of everything you're grateful for. It sounds corny, we know, but taking some time to jot down the things your appreciative of will show you just how many things you have going for you. Try to hit a number like 20 or 30 things for your list. You can cite things like the wind in the trees, your mother, your favorite song, your friendships, a certain coffee shop, or anything else. 

It doesn't matter. You can be thankful for anything you want to!

2. Return the Favor

All of the people or things in your life are giving you something. Your friends may give you love, while nature provides everything else. Show your appreciation for those people and things by acting to intentionally benefit them. You could reach out to a friend and offer to take them to dinner or volunteer your time at a local nature reserve. 

Run through your list and think of one or two things that you could do for each person or thing you wrote down. There's always a way to give back, and doing so is a great way to show your gratitude.

3. Let Them Know

The wonderful people in your life that you're grateful for deserve to know how great they are. Expressing gratitude doesn't have to be the most difficult thing in the world. If you aren't one to complicate things, simply express to your friends and family how much they mean to you. You could write out a letter, send a text, email or call them. So long as you're letting someone know that they mean a lot to you, you're doing it right!

Struggling to Find Ways to Show Gratitude?

Sometimes it's hard to find ways to show gratitude when your personal life isn't in great shape. When it comes to addiction, it's nearly impossible to find and truly express that gratitude. 

If you're in need of some help getting yourself in the kind of shape needed to truly show gratitude this Thanksgiving, explore our blog to learn more.


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