04 June 2020

What Is a Sober Living Home Like? Important Things You Need to Know

Recovering from substance abuse and addiction is a long, difficult process that requires commitment, support, and a desire to get better. This process is different for everyone. Some people need isolation to recover and some need the support and structure that in-patient treatment centers provide. 

One of the best living options for people who are already on the road to recovery is sober living homes. These homes give the structure and support that in-patient treatment centers have and give their tenants the freedom they need to learn to get back into society. 

In this article, we'll walk you through what to expect from sober living homes and how to get the most out of your sober living home experience. 

What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes are group homes for people who are already on the road to recovery. These homes are for people who complete an in-patient treatment program and provide support and personal freedom so residents can re-enter the real world with a better chance of success in sobriety. 

What to Expect from Sober Living: Getting the Most Out of Your Recovery

Each sober living home has something a little different, but most homes, like A Fresh Start, will have community rules that help you, and your housemates, get the most out of your recovery. 

Staying Sober

The one rule that all sober living homes will have is a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse. Sober homes ban products that contain alcohol, like mouth wash and even vanilla concentrate. Sober living homes give drug tests to make sure residents are sober and evict residents who don't follow the rules, so make sure you're serious about your recovery before living in a sober home. 

Focusing on Your Recovery

Many sober living homes are also gender-specific, meaning that they will seperate men and women. This might seem strange but it helps people focus on their recovery instead of a romantic relationship, which can be distracting and easily trigger a relapse


Most sober living homes have mandatory meetings to make sure that residents have a place to talk about their feelings and fix problems with other housemates. Since sober living homes focus on creating a positive community where peRsonal accountibility is required, you will have to cook your own meals, do your own wash, clean, and do other household chores.

This is one of the best ways to manage stress and anxiety during recovery. It gives you a place to vent and express yourself, so make sure to take advantage of any 12 step meetings that are available. 


One of the most important aspects of sober living homes is the residents' access to freedom. Sober living homes let their residents come and go as they please to help them get used to living in the real world again. This is also a very important part of sober living because it teaches residents to live in the real world without using drugs or alcohol. It gives them an opportunity to take classes, go to the gym, or learn new skills, so make sure to take advantage of this free time to work on yourself and your recovery

Take the Next Step

Now that you've learned about what to expect from sober living homes, the next step is to take control of your recovery and contact A Fresh Start for an intake interview. 

If you have any questions about sober living or need tips on how to get the most out of your personal recovery journey, please visit our blog.