30 APR 2022

Do's and Don'ts: What to Say at an Intervention and What Not to Say

Interventions are a powerful tool, but they can go haywire pretty quickly. Here's what to say at an intervention and what not to say. When someone you love is struggling with addiction, it can be a painful experience for everybody to go through. Sometimes, staging an intervention is the best way to start the healing process. 

However, an intervention is not something that can be held without proper preparation and planning. You need to know what to say at an intervention that will have the desired effect and aid your loved one rather than make them feel as if they are being pushed away. 

Keep reading to learn exactly what you should and shouldn't say if you want to hold a successful intervention. 

What To Say at an Intervention-

Word choice and tone are vital, especially during an intervention. There are several key phrases that you should look to build the base of communication from and to reiterate during the ensuing conversations. 

You are holding the intervention to tell your loved ones that enough is enough, they need to get help, but you are also telling them that you are there. You are going to help them through it. 

Make sure you use the following words and phrases to help convey your support.

You want your loved ones to fight and beat addiction. It is hard for everybody, but during an intervention conveying your love and support is the best way to break through the grip of addiction. 

What Not to Say During an Intervention-

You will want to avoid all accusatory language during your intervention. It is important to remain calm and avoid provoking or assigning blame to anybody. It is unlikely that an intervention will be well received, and it is vital that cool heads always prevail. 

During an intervention, you want to avoid any negotiations or prolonged dialogue that surrounds excuses or reasoning. It is about getting your loved on to see they have a problem and into a treatment facility. 

When staging an intervention is not just about what you do or do not say but also about who is saying it. 

Addiction breaks families and friendships, and when holding an intervention, it is vital to have people there that are ready and willing to be supportive and understanding. Negativity will only defeat the core objective behind an intervention. 

Holding an Intervention is Hard for All Involved

Knowing what to say at an intervention is heavy. It is serious business and does not end when you all exit the room. What's an intervention? It is the start of a long journey. A journey that will change lives and relationships forever. 

Getting clean and sober takes time, and it may take a move or change of scenery - to take the addict away from the life that offers them such temptation. Sober living facilities are places founded with the express intention of helping fight the good fight against addiction. 

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