29 Nov 2017

Winter hobby tips for those in recovery

With winter rolling in, you’re going to be spending a lot more time cooped up. The winter blues can get to a lot of people, exacerbating the boredom of being stuck inside. You can fight the seasonal doldrums by picking up a hobby that you can do from the comfort, and warmth, of your own home. After all, you know what they say about idle hands…

Recovery professionals and addicts in recovery all agree that devoting yourself to a hobby while in recovery can be greatly beneficial. Hobbies bring joy and stress relief to people of all walks of life, and this is especially true for addicts going through a big life change.


You don’t have to be the next Picasso, but playing with colors is fun. You can start small with a beginner’s acrylic paint set and 3” x 5” canvas and a couple of brushes. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be “good,” whatever that may mean. Just blend colors and let your imagination roam.


With a couple high-tension elastic bands and a balance ball, you can have your own at-home gym. It will do you some good to expel energy and burn a sweat. It releases anxiety, promotes good health, and will have you beach-ready by summer.


In addition to being good for dexterity, knitting sharpens focus and concentration, promotes problem solving skills, and you can make yourself a nice sweater to stay toasty through the winter.

Pet training

If you have a dog (or even a cat), teach it some new tricks this winter. Set goals for yourself and your pooch to spend fun, constructive time together that can result in a little dog show come spring.